Back Pain

While back pain is very common, it’s also one of the most debilitating complaints we treat.

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Neck Pain

Whether it’s a sports injury, accident or other issue, we can work with you to relieve neck pain.

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Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy experts can help you improve speech and reduce the frustration of speech issues.

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ML830® Laser

Our ML830® laser is an innovative tool to help a variety of conditions. And it’s the only one in the area.

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"Awesome staff, knowledgeable, patient and considerate. Zoom is the best physical therapy facility in town!"

Tammy Sturm

"One on one patient care, it shows they care; makes you feel like a patient not just a number! I would recommend it. I work elsewhere but choose to come here!"

Melanie Trevino

"The staff worked with me in every way. Best in town. Not only will they help you to feel better, you will enjoy your sessions. "

Kathy Marez

"I was impressed. They keep you moving and each visit is a little different so you don’t get tired of doing the therapy."

Dorothy Carroll

"I love to come to zoom because of the staff. They are helpful and care about their patients."

Kathy S., Victoria TX

"In 1999, I was diagnosed with 3 ruptured discs and ended up with 2 major surgeries. I was told I would never be without pain, as well as, stuck taking pain medicine every day. And for the past 6 years my doctors have had me on morphine for pain and to top it off my pain was still there. The doctors said I would either have to deal with it or have to get another surgery. For me surgery was not an option unless I could not walk. So I decide to try physical therapy one last time with the help and knowledge of Zoom. They tried a treatment on me that I have never heard about, it was called Laser Treatment. I will have to say I went from a pain level of 8 to 10 on a daily basis to 1 maybe 2 sometimes. I have not felt this good since 1999. I am in the process of getting back into shape and getting my body ready to try and work again after 7 years. Thank You John and Chris. Y'all were like angels sent to save me from my pain.

Manuel G., Victoria TX